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March i&h, 1797*

I dined yesterday at Madame d'Houdetot's
with Madame de Damas, St. Lambert, &c. — a
very pleasant party. The alarm which the opera-
tions in our bank occasioned here seems to have
blown over; besides, Jervis's victory will have a
very powerful effect, they were so sure of his fleet
being destroyed. From some strange, vague
Spanish letters that the Spanish ambassador offi-
cially announced, everyone believed that the victory
was on their side.

I have got through Necker's declamation, for
it is more that than anything else, and most of it
gratis dictum. Lally has also published a defense
des emigres. It comes with an odd grace from
him who ran away first of anybody, and nobody
(except Madame d'Herrion) knows why.

Yesterday I spent at Auteuil with Madame
de Boufflers. M. Chevalier seems a sensible, clever
man; and if he is not husband to the Countess
Amelie, it must be because they choose to do
without the ceremony. Emmanuel is clever, but
untractable and spoilt. The Abb6 Morellet, who
has been spending several days with them, • says
Emmanuel tormented him to death. He could
not read when, luckily for him, his mamma and